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Goggle Bungee Cord

Product Code: G-Bungee

G-Cord Bungees are a cost-effective and convenient goggle replacement strap. Available in a variety of vibrant colors including Red, Royal, Orange, Yellow, Magenta and Black. Select your quantity and we will send you an assortment of colors. G-Cords fit any size, brand, and type of goggle that allows a replacement strap. Bungee cords are perfect for younger swimmers and those who want a way to quickly and securely fasten and unfasten their goggles. G-Cords are 4' long, longer than any other bungee strap currently in production, offering unparalleled comfort and adjustability. 1Line Sports G-Cords are also 4mm thick with 3" tapered ends, thinner than competitors bungee cords, reducing stress on goggle strap eyelets and providing a near-universal fit. Select your 1st choice, but we will ship color available.

Retail Price: $5.00 Our Price: $4.00